The Best Rugs on Etsy

For years, I’ve shopped for rugs on Etsy and have found some of the most beautiful rugs at affordable prices. I love rugs made with natural fibers because they are more sustainable, easier to clean, and long lasting.

I think sometimes people are scared of buying a “used” rug, and I can totally understand the hesitation. But, I think it’s just proof that this rug will LAST—it’s already stood the test of time. Plus, they can be so beautiful.

In this guide, I’ve rounded up options for classic and trendy style rugs at a variety of price points. 

Next time you are considering a synthetic rug, check out these options first. You can often find something of higher quality at the same price.

I focused this guide on rugs that are available in a variety of sizes. We will link the rug as well as the shop. Often, if you find a nice rug on Etsy, you will enjoy browsing the entire shop where it was found. 

Etsy Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are often thick with a very heavy pile. They are made with wool, making them easy to spot clean and long lasting. Since they are so thick they make a great rug where a cozy feel is needed, under a bed or in a living space. 

Grey and White Moroccan Rug / Colorful Moroccan Rug / Soft Ivory Moroccan Rug / Black and White Moroccan Rug / Beige and Cream Moroccan Rug / White Ivory Moroccan Rug / Ivory and Beige Moroccan Rug / Checkered Moroccan Rug

Etsy shops that sell moroccan rugs: Afrikesh / Berber Moroccan Rugs / Ibaba Rugs / Oriental Looms / Traditional Room

Etsy Wool Rugs 

Wool rugs are naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean. They are environmentally friendly and long lasting. You may notice your wool rug shedding at first, but with use it, will shed less and less. I love wool rugs—they are made in a huge variety of styles. 

Diamond Fringe Wool Rug / Chunky Wool Rug / Ivory Wool Rug / Olive Wool Rug / Hand-Knitted Ivory Wool Rug / Off-White Wool Geometric Rug / White and Gray Wool Rug / Tufted Wool Rug

Etsy shops that sell wool rugs: Indian Oriental Rugs / Pattansiri / Rug Company India / Rug Venue / The Indoor Store / The Rug Decor

Etsy Cowhide Rugs 

Cowhide rugs are a great solution for small spaces and rooms where you already have a rectangle rug placed. They are easy to clean, durable, and long lasting. 

Brown Cowhide / Beige Cowhide / Tricolor Cowhide / Double Tricolor Cowhide / Metallic Silver Cowhide / Light Brown and White Cowhide / Cheetah Cowhide / Dark Brown and White Cowhide

Etsy shops that sell cowhide rugs: Luxury Cowhides USA / Makson Rugs / Original Cowhide / Prime Cowhides

Etsy Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are a sustainable and vegan choice. Jute rugs tend to be the most affordable option for natural fiber rugs. The downside of jute is that it is not easy to clean like wool, so avoid high traffic areas if you are concerned about that.

I have used many jute rugs in hallways, bedrooms, and even in my sunroom. They are an excellent option for finding a large rug on a smaller budget. 

Jute Border Rug / Off White Jute Rug / Scalloped Jute Rug / Green Scalloped Jute Rug / Round Jute Rug / Natural Scalloped Jute Rug / Bordered Jute Rug / Cream and Beige Jute Rug

Etsy shops that sell jute rugs: Dhurrie World / Kriti Exports / Patel Exports / Rugs Trade

Etsy Vintage Rugs 

Vintage rugs are a true passion of mine, and Etsy has endless options for incredible vintage rugs. My personal favorite search term for shopping is “Turkish rug.”

I also love searching “Swedish rugs” and “hooked rugs.” They last forever, look more beautiful as they age and come in beautiful colors and patterns. In this section, I will include authentic vintage rugs and newer options made in that style.

Orange and Blue Vintage Rug / Peach Turkish Vintage Rug / Vintage Oushak Rug / Vintage Kilim Rug / Vintage Oval Hooked Rug / Vintage Wool Rug / Red and Brown Vintage Rug

Etsy shops that sell vintage rugs: Birinci Hali / Carp Ethnic / Design Center US / Jewel Rugs / Oushak Rugs / Turkish Ruggram

Click here to read my tips for shopping for vintage rugs online.

How do you clean vintage rugs?

Vintage rugs are surprisingly easy to clean—I use water (yes, plain water) and microfiber cloths.

For bigger messes, I use this spot remover.

I also wrote a more in-depth blog post about how I clean my vintage rugs and leather sofas.

What questions do you have about vintage rugs? Also, if you have bought a rug from Etsy I’d love to hear your experience! Please let us know in the comments. xo. Elsie

  • Thanks for focusing on natural fiber rugs. I’d never buy a synthetic plastic rug knowing what I know now. I bought a huge 10’x13’ rug from a Pakistan-based vendor. It was advertised as a 25-year old wool rug. I asked about wear/stains, vendor reported none; which is unusual for a rug of that age but I assumed I was lucky. It arrived lightning fast from Karachi but the vibrant colors (which I love) and off-gassing made it clear this was in fact a new rug. I’m happy with it, but I call into question the vendor’s accuracy in listings. Return shipping is challenging with international, large sized items of you don’t get what was promised. Do your homework before buying.

  • I LOVE so many of these!! Which type would you recommend for a high-traffic mudroom? I have a large golden doodle and three small active kiddos… so based on your recommendations a vintage rug might be great (that scalloped jute rug is AMAZING! but probably not the best with water), but I’m nervous to move forward. Thanks for this great post!

  • I bought a vintage rug on Etsy, which came from a foreign vendor. The shipping was INCREDIBLY fast and I had a great shopping experience. I had a lot of questions and they were answered quickly. They also offered me a coupon for my next purchase (which I admittedly have yet to make but will).

  • Having a bit of a rug dilemma at our place and this is so helpful! I love that you emphasized WOOL rugs & natural fibers. Wool rugs are the best. 🙂 My dream is a traditional/vintage Turkish/Eastern style woven wool rug with lots of BLUE (not red!). Needs to be long & narrow! Thought I found it years ago but rug ended up being mostly red. Ordered online from Turkey, Came in the mail, couldn’t really return it.
    And this loops back to your podcast episode where I commented about how much red I’m trying to move on… (maybe use in other places, maybe rehome, just over it.)

    • Look what I found on Etsy:

      Found a blue Turkish runner you might like? Fr one of the shops she recommended!

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